Content marketing, a new opportunity for brands and publishers

July 28, 2014


These days audiences consume content in many different ways. The quick increase of mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets, are changing consumer’s habits.

In an increasingly social and mobile environment, new players like social media or big tech companies like Google have appeared. This new actors set new rules within the media landscape and compete for audiences’ attention with a global approach.

The outlook for publishers has changed. It seems that the traditional media industry is struggling to survive with the decline of copy sales and print advertising. Ad revenue of the US newspaper industry declined by 60% during the last ten years, going from 50US billion to 20US Billion.

Now marketing managers spend almost 40% of their budgets on content marketing, creating their own content or relying on new partners, like content agencies.

Today brands are becoming publishers, even though they don’t need to become professional content producers. It is in that point where a new business opportunity appears for brands and publishers.

Publishers have the unique possibility to support brands in delivering their message, as they are the ones knowing best how to connect brands with audiences by creating experiences that tell authentic stories powerfully.

Why is it an excellent opportunity for brands too? Because publishers offers quality content generated by world leading media professionals. Brands could use this content to attract and retain their customers, winning relevance and achieving an efficient audience engagement.

The quality content is the keystone to search and social media success. Major players like Google are basing their futures on technologies that facilitate content sharing. As Bill Gates said "Content is the king" to which Rupert Murdoch added "and the Emperor of all digital things”. A good content strategy is a vital need for brands so, with the best content they can be on top.